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In effort to partner with local health department, CDC, and federal agencies to slow and contain the transmission of COVID-19 in the United States, please be advised that our office has implemented plans to prevent and minimize the spread of COVID-19 during this time.

For anyone who has recently traveled outside of Lincoln OR been in contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 AND is ASYMPTOMATIC, we follow CDC recommendation of “self- quarantine” for 14 days after the trip or contact. We ask you to remain home and conduct self-monitoring during this time.

If you have had suspected exposure and you are experiencing symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE OFFICE. We ask that you call us for instructions.

Insurers have given us the ability to perform telehealth during this time. Please call the clinic at 308-646-2471 to schedule telemedicine appointments.

If you have symptoms and can care for yourself at home, you may discontinue home isolation under the following conditions:

· At least 3 days(72 hours) after your fever is gone and your respiratory symptoms have resolved, without the use of medications including Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen.

· At least 7 days have passed since the symptoms first appeared.

Please continue to follow the social distancing advisement set up by the Department of Health.

Nebraska Department of Health has opened a Coronavirus Hotline (402-441-8006) if you have questions.

For further information, visit www.cdc.gov website.

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