Emsella is a treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for supporting the bladder and urethra, and weakening of these muscles can contribute to incontinence.

Here’s how Emsella might help with incontinence:

  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles: During an Emsella session, the device delivers electromagnetic pulses that cause involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. These contractions are much stronger than what you can achieve with Kegel exercises alone. This can help to strengthen and tone the muscles, which can improve bladder control.
  • Improved nerve function: Some research suggests that Emsella may also improve nerve function in the pelvic floor. This can help to improve communication between the bladder and the brain, which can also help to reduce incontinence.

Overall, Emsella is a non-invasive and relatively comfortable option for treating incontinence. However, it is important to note that research on the long-term effectiveness of Emsella is still ongoing. If you are considering Emsella treatment for incontinence, it is important to talk to your doctor about whether it is right for you.