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Advanced Aesthetic Treatments

Our clinics in Lincoln and Friend, NE, offer a diverse array of aesthetic services, from facial treatments and skin rejuvenation to innovative procedures like PRP injections Emsella® (available at our Lincoln location), Emsculpt NEO® (Available at our lincoln location) and Vampire facelifts.

Personalized Aesthetic Care

At Complete Rural Medicine, we blend the latest in aesthetic technology with personalized care. Our services include tailored treatments, IV hydration therapy, and the revolutionary Vampire breast lift, all tailored to meet your unique beauty needs.

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Why Choose Our Aesthetic Services

Selecting Complete Rural Medicine in Lincoln and Friend for your aesthetic needs offers:

  • State-of-the-art treatments like our EMSCULTP NEO® for body sculpting
  • Expertise in advanced techniques, including PRP
  • A range of facial and skin rejuvenation therapies
  • Personalized care plans to enhance your natural beauty
  • A team committed to safe and effective aesthetic results

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